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Lessons Offered

Noncompetitive Dance Lessons in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey

Explore a variety of different styles with dance lessons from our noncompetitive dance studio in Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey. Mary Lou Hale’s teaches you all of the different techniques you are interested in learning about in a comfortable and encouraging setting.

Dance With Me
For our youngest dancers aged 18 to 36 months with an Adult Caregiver, Dance With Me students are introduced to the basic concepts of dance through rhythm and movement.  They will learn spatial awareness, listening skills, group socialization and structure.  They will strengthen their bodies and learn coordination to ready themselves for the next level in dance.  Our goal is to make sure we are building the love of dance in each child while nurturing their natural creativity, enthusiasm and self-confidence in a fun and loving atmosphere.

Pre-School Dance
Our Pre-School Dance program offers Ballet & Tumbling and Tap, Ballet, & Acrobatics combinations for our 3 and 4 year old students.  Pre-School Dance lessons are a FUNtastic introduction to the world of dance; the quintessential dance class for all aspiring dancers.   Our lessons are a great way to foster an early appreciation for music, movement, and dance while developing rhythm, coordination, and self-confidence.

Combination Classes
For our students in early grade school, we offer combination classes in Jazz & Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop, and Tap & Ballet.  These “combo” classes provide students with a look at various types of dance technique, helping to develop coordination and rhythm.  The “combo” class is ideal for our younger students because it allows the to learn multiple disciplines before having to choose which areas of dance to focus on.

Ballet Lessons
Classic, but by no means outdated, Ballet is the very best foundation for all types of dance. Ballet teaches alignment, balance, individual expression, grace, and promotes a positive self image in our students. If you are a student of dance and looking for a great class, try BALLET.

Tap Dance Lessons
Creating rhythms and sounds, Tap is truly unique. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” music. Using a graded vocabulary of tap sounds and movements, plus combinations of rhythm patterns, our TAP classes cover both traditional and modern styles.

Jazz Dance Lessons
Using pop music, Jazz is a high energy class which fosters stage presence and personality. Our JAZZ classes develop technique, body strength, flexibility, and coordination while focusing on all of the latest dance styles, along with iconic dances from the 1940s through today.

Hip Hop Dance Lessons
If you’re in search of innovative, athletic, and fun up to the minute movements performed to popular music in an atmosphere of safe self-expression…HIP HOP is for you. We take traditional Jazz movements and mix them with the latest music to give them some street style. Please be assured that here at Mary Lou Hale’s, all choreography and music are age appropriate.

Musical Theater Dance Lessons
Do you love Broadway shows and musicals? Then this class is for you! Dance for Musical Theater is a fun mix of many styles – Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, and even Tap and Acrobatics – depending on the show or song you are performing! MUSICAL THEATER class will teach you technique for this dance style as well as the acting and performance basics that will further your star quality.

Contemporary Dance Lessons
Expression and emotion are found in this unique combination of Ballet and Jazz. We like to call it Ballet with words, because this dance style always tells a story. The fundamentals of CONTEMPORARY dance are based in Ballet – so all students must also be actively participating in a Ballet course while studying Contemporary.

Acrobatics Lessons
Acrobatics is a combination of balance, agility, and motor coordination; great for students who wish to tumble. All skills incorporated into Acrobatics are taught in progressions according to each individual’s abilities. This class is great for students who are looking to be a little stronger and more flexible while learning some cool tricks on the mats.

Adult Dance Classes
We are proud to offer many adult classes in Tap, Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop from the beginner through advanced level. Our adult classes are perfect for anyone who danced as a child and wants to dance again, or who always wanted to dance but never got the chance.