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Hip Hop

If you’re in search of innovative, athletic, and fun up to the minute movements performed to popular music in an atmosphere of safe self-expression…HIP HOP is for you. We take traditional Jazz movements and mix them with the latest music to give them some street style. Please be assured that here at Mary Lou Hale’s, all choreography and music are age appropriate.

MHL Show Me The Money
MHL Space Jam
Thank you so much for a great first year for Sarah at MLH. Today was the recital and it was fantastic! Sarah has really enjoyed the friendly, fun dance experience through the year. Miss Judie has been a wonderful teacher for Sarah. We as a family have been impressed with MLH. Wow! You are so organized and everything works like clockwork from the dance classes to the recital photos to the recital. We have had some trying times at other studios from costumes not fitting to an uncomfortable competitive environment. MLH on the other hand has been a smooth comfortable experience exceeding our expectations. We are grateful and look forward to many more years of Sarah dancing with Mary Lou Hale Dance Studio. Michelle T., Mother of Sarah, age 13