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It’s Recital Time… And I’m Packed and Ready

Secrets of Super PerformersYour costumes are organized, along with your tights (and extra pairs just in case!), shoes, hair accessories, makeup, etc… and so I bet you think you are all ready for your dance recital.

But wait – don’t forget one important thing – your SMILE!

One of my favorite dance quotes was shared with me in third grade by one of my teachers – “There is nothing in the world so sweet as a smiling face and dancing feet.”

While it is true that dancing feet are a joy, I believe they are only worth watching when they are attached to a person who is living every moment of their dance.

So how do you prepare for dance performances? This article, from Dance Advantage’s website, provides some secrets of super performers.

Key takeaways are:

  • Don’t forget the audience! They are the reason you are performing, and the more you involve them, the more they will enjoy the performance.
  • Share your energy with your co-dancers. Everyone on stage feeds off each other. Share some of your energy with others and they will give energy back to you as well!
  • Smiling is important – but make it genuine. Dancing involves acting – your emotions must be real – so really focus on who you are in the dance and what you are trying to achieve, and let your smile and emotions permeate your entire body from within.
  • Stay connected to the music. It is your center and your rock, let it guide you.

Remember, every good performer in the world gets nervous before a show – it’s part of what keeps you on your “A” game. Just be yourself and be confident. You are wonderful, you have worked hard to get here, and you deserve your moment.